Pac-Lite™ 4.5" Threaded Barrel


Pac-Lite™ 4.5" Threaded Barrel


Not available for purchase online. Please see your local FFL dealer to order. Click here to find a dealer in your area.

The Pac-Lite is the original go-to upgrade for tricking out your
Ruger® Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and  22/45® series pistol. Crafted from a solid piece
of aircraft aluminum, the Pac-Lite provides an ultra strong and
lightweight experience.

The improved balance and accuracy of the Pac-Lite makes shooters feel like a pro. Installation on your existing MK frame is a cinch without the need of a gunsmith.

Fully customizable, the Pac-Lite offers enough colors, options, and accessories to please even the pickiest of shooters.

Weight: 6.2 oz
Twist: 1-16"
Threads: 1/2"x28

*Drilled and tapped for Pac-Lite™ Scope Bases
*Thread Protector (End Cap) Included with Barrel
**Requires FFL Transfer


PL4.5TENF-02   $3154.5" Threaded, Matte Black, No Flutes
PL4.5TENF-04   $3154.5" Threaded, Matte OD Green, No Flutes
PL4.5TERF-02   $3254.5" Threaded, Matte Black, Fluted
PL4.5TERF-04   $3254.5" Threaded, Matte OD Green, Fluted

**Special Order Colors Available for $50 Special Order Fee**

***Does not fit the Ruger Mark 4***

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