Trail-Lite™ 5.5" Threaded Barrels


Trail-Lite™ 5.5" Threaded Barrels


Not available for purchase online. Please see your local dealer to order. Click here to find a dealer in your area.

To all Buck Mark® owners: Are you tired of your friends rubbing
their TacSol Pac-Lite® upgrades in your face? Stop your envy
and install a Trail-Lite barrel on your Browning® Buck Mark®
pistol. With many of the same great features as our Pac-Lite barrels,
the Trail-Lite offers Buck Mark® lovers improved balance,
accuracy and a lighter weight. As with all Tactical Solutions products,
put the hack saw away. Installation of the Trail-Lite barrel
on your existing Buck Mark frame is quick and easy and requires
no gunsmithing.

Weight: 6oz
Twist: 1-16"
Threads: 1/2"x28

TL5.5TENF-02   $240   5.5" Threaded, Matte Black, No Flutes  
TL5.5TENF-04   $240   5.5" Threaded, Matte OD Green, No Flutes 
TL5.5TERF-02   $250   5.5" Threaded, Matte Black, Fluted       
TL5.5TERF-04   $250   5.5" Threaded, Matte OD Green, Fluted
TL5.5TEPA-01   $260   5.5" Threaded, Gloss Black with Silver Flutes 
TL5.5TEPA-05   $260   5.5" Threaded, Red with Silver Flutes
TL5.5TEPA-06   $260   5.5" Threaded, Blue with Silver Flutes

*NO FFL required
*CA Legal IF end cap or compensator is permanently affixed ($25 fee)
*No gunsmithing required

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