We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.
— Winston Churchill

Our Beginning – The Original Lite

Tactical Solutions began with one product; the Pac-Lite™.  In 2002, one of the owners and his son hit the pavement in different directions to enlighten dealers about our flagship product. Turns out, the demand was staggering and word traveled quickly. Sure, people wanted accuracy, but colorful and lightweight too? Firearms now had a personality and we knew we had a winner. Pac-Lites™ turned to 10/22® Barrels which turned to Trail-Lites and so on.  With each product introduction came greater success. With each success, we hired even more great people. Now, with more great people than ever and better machines than ever, we continue to provide our customers with some of the greatest firearms on Earth.



When it comes down to our products we get right down to business. With tolerances 1/25 as thick as a piece of paper, we see it all.


We monitor quality during every internal process.  After receipt of raw material? Check. During production? Check. After anodize? Check. After assembly, testing, cleaning? Check, checkity, check. 

 Check Again. 

Product is finished, ready to meet its new owner…you guessed it; final inspection. It’s now ready for takeoff. 


We enjoy a laid back atmosphere, but we take the quality of our products and customer service very seriously. You have a problem? We take care of it. It’s simple.


 We know that this industry wouldn’t be what it is today if young kids hadn’t been brought up to shoot. Nowadays it’s tougher than ever. Growing the industry is what it’s all about. Helping younger generations learn about firearms, firearms safety and enjoying the sport…growing the sport.  We make it a point to sponsor events that help promote junior and women shooters.