Mackenzie Bragg


My name is Mackenzie Bragg and I am 12 yrs old, from Marion, IN. I shoot rimfire rifle and pistol for Steel Challenge and NSSF Rimfire Challenge. My favorite Tacsol product is my Blue Pac-Lite barrel! I started shooting competition in 2014. I started shooting local steel challenge with a 10/22 that had a tactical solutions barrel on it.  

Then at the end of June I went to a Rimfire Challenge and even though I only had a rifle, I loved it. We met some sponsored shooters and my cousin and I decided we wanted to try and be like them. I started shooting with a pistol for the first time in July, it was a stock Mark 2 Ruger Competition pistol. We went to a couple and I got better and won Top Lady at the Tri-state Rimfire challenge at the end of the year.

This year we started traveling to more matches and I started winning my classes at matches in IN, IL, MI, AL, PA and OH. Chet got ahold of me in July this year and asked if I wanted to join Tacsol and I was so excited!!! I went to the Rimfire Challenge World Championship in October and finished 3rd in the 12& under class. I now have a 22/45 with a Tacsol barrel and a 10/22 with the Tacsol iron sight barrel even though I still run optics. I love my guns,they are awesome! I just finished the Army Marksmanship Unit junior camp and hope to start shooting center fire too. But I will still focus most on Rimfire challenge and Rimfire on steel challenge in 2016.