The Future of the Shooting Sports

Tactical Solutions always has, and always will be a proponent of youth in the Shooting Sports.

Tactical Solutions sponsors more than 30 junior boys and girls throughout the country every year. It's incredibly important for us to try to be apart of raising today's youth.

I was once asked, "Why do you spend the money on these kids for little return to the company?"

My answer - It's actually very simple; our country's youth hold the future of all shooting sports. These kids are our next voting base to protect our Second Amendment rights, rights that fall under attack daily. When I look at a potential team shooter, I look for good kids, not great shooters. I want positive representatives for our industry. Safe, courteous, humble, and appreciative students that have a smile on their face whether they win or lose... To me, it doesn't matter how accomplished or how fantastic a shooter is; what matters is their heart.

Do not underestimate the importance of our youth in not only the growth of our industry but the survival of it.  Tactical Solutions believes that the lemon is worth the squeeze.

Chet Alvord

V.P. of Sales and Marketing