Vince Taporowski


To start out I’m 73 years old (05/26/1942) living in Key West, FL (25 years), I started shooting at the age of 7 (Plinking in a quarry with my father) At age 10 I joined the PBA Rifle Club in Paterson New Jersey for 2 years (22 Caliber Mossberg Bolt Action) As a City kid this became difficult and I laid off true firearms for many years (shooting pellet pistols in my yard) . About 10 years ago I returned to target shooting with a Ruger 22 pistol and my rifles from my childhood.

About 2007 I joined the South Florida Pistol Club in Markham Park for IPSC shooting and traveled to Club events throughout Florida to shoot Bowling Pins and Steel (We only have 1 local indoor range with 6 lanes here). Settling on Steel Shooting (Old Legs and IPSC are not too compatible but good practice ) I started traveling to matches

Throughout the State of Florida mostly to Fort Meyers at the Hansen range, (I still go to their monthly matches “Wearing TacSol Jersey”).

As a Super Senior I Took first place at the U.S. National Steel Championship in 2009,2010 and 2011. In 2013 I took High Super Senior at the World Speed Shooting Championship. There were many first overall at the club matches that I shoot for practice both with TacSol Pistol and Rifles. This year I will be or have traveled to many club matches as well as the National Steel Shoot, The PA State Championships and the Mississippi State Steel Championship, All wearing the TacSol Jersey and shooting 22 caliber TacSol Rifle and 22 caliber TacSol upper on my STI pistol.

The rifles I shoot are both Tactical Solutions and both SB-X barrels. The 10/22 with a red stock is known as “El Diablo” (Name on barrel) has been put in the back-up position to the newer TacSol AR-SB-X which I stared campaigning this year.

My Pistol is a STI custom made from the ground up as a 22 caliber with a TacSol 2211 wide body upper. I had it made to the same geometry and sights (C-More) as my 9mm race gun. The 9mm and the 22 are almost identical except for the weight. This has helped me in practice as both have the same feel but less cost of ammo on the 22.



Hometown: Key West Florida (The Southernmost Point in the USA.) = Long drive to anything 130 miles to Miami

Specialty:  Steel Shooting but still shoot some IPSC and Pro-Am.

Favorite TacSol Product: I love all my children, I could not pick one out of the group, They are all great reliable products and function well.

Operation info:  I own a real estate office in Key West Florida. We are a family team of my wife (51 years), daughter and granddaughter.