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Rimfire Perfected
Confidence Delivered

Skillfully crafted for accuracy and reliability, ensuring precision and longevity, our firearms are designed to suit the needs of all shooters and shooting styles. TacSol prioritizes responsible firearm ownership and consistently strives for excellence in engineering, revolutionizing your shooting experience one shot at a time.


Accuracy in every shot

We have engineered our rimfire rifles and barrel upgrades to guarantee precision and accuracy, ensuring that each shot hits its mark. Our rifles embody excellence, providing unmatched performance one shot at a time. 

Proudly manufactured in Boise, Idaho.

The classic TacSol logo. Red and grey. Established in 2002.


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Your Passion ignites our drive

Explore the inspiration behind our purpose as dedicated TacSol rifle owners showcase how they utilized our products. 

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Our objective is simple

We're not just about selling highly engineered rifles

We’re about building a better self-supporting, firearm-centric community. 
When you choose TacSol, you’re not just getting a high-quality firearm; you’re joining a progressive community of like-minded individuals who value the shooting sports. And rest assured, we stand behind our products, providing unmatched customer support to enhance your overall experience and ensure your utmost satisfaction and confidence with every purchase. 

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