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About Tacsol

What are TacSol business hours?

Sales: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm MST
Tech Support: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm MST
We are closed New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day After
Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Christmas Day.

How long as TacSol been in business?

Established in 2002 in Boise, Idaho, Tactical Solutions has been a leader in the Rimfire Market for over two decades. Renowned for our commitment to quality, dependability, and innovation, we specialize in lightweight and accurate firearms and accessories, all proudly made in the USA. Our product lineup includes rimfire rifles, pistols, silencers, barrels, suppressors, accessories, and caliber conversions, all held to the highest industry standards. With a focus on providing top-tier products and exceptional customer service, Tactical Solutions continues to set the standard in the firearms industry. Check out our About Us page for more information.

Why should I purchase TacSol products?

TacSol provides premier firearms and accessories crafted to inspire pride and admiration. Our rimfire rifles provide effortless shooting with precise engineering, consistent accuracy, and ultimate shootability. Rifles can be customized with a variety of colors and patterns to suit your style. Made in the USA with precision engineering, our firearms maintain a legacy of excellence. TacSol is the choice for superior quality and to uphold American craftsmanship.

Does TacSol have a warranty?

At Tactical Solutions, our commitment is clear: we stand behind our products, offering exceptional customer service to guarantee your satisfaction, whether you're the initial owner or the fiftieth. With unparalleled standards for support, our track record in both customer service and technical support sets us apart. While user modifications may involve additional costs, rest assured, we prioritize your care and assistance.

Customer Service

I purchased a TacSol product, now what?

After purchasing a TacSol product, make sure to register it for exclusive benefits. Enjoy special offers, upgrade options, early access to new releases, and become part of our enthusiast community. Please see our Product Registration page for more info.

Why are some products not available to purchase online?

Certain serialized products necessitate in-person delivery and paperwork as per legal requirements. These items can be obtained from our authorized TacSol Dealers across the United States. Furthermore, if you cannot find a specific product online that you wish to purchase, please contact us at 866-333-9901 for assistance. You can also check out our TacSol Dealers page to find a dealer near you.

How do I transfer a firearm?

Idaho Residents: To streamline firearms transfers, we've partnered with HawkTech Arms in Meridian, Idaho. Please contact HawkTech Arms at 208-898-5848 for pricing, availability, and transfer process information. Orders placed directly through TacSol and sent to HTA incur a $25 fee per non-NFA firearm and a $50 fee per NFA firearm, payable to HawkTech Arms. In-stock items typically deliver to HTA within two business days. TacSol does not conduct transfers for non-TacSol firearms and will forward any such
transfers to HawkTech Arms within four business days.

Technical Support

What should I do if my firearm is defective?

We stand by our products and will assist you with any issues. To return a product for service within the United States, contact our Technical Support Department at 866-333-9901 or via email to support@tacticalsol.com for an R/A Number. Once received, our team will inspect, repair, and return the product. However, products damaged due to user error or tampering will be returned as is, or may be repaired or replaced at owner’s expense. Please view our Tech Support page for more information.

What is the typical turnaround time for repairs?

Repairs are typically completed within five to ten business days upon receipt of the item. However, in cases where the issue is complex or replacement parts are needed, it may take longer. TacSol will provide updates if the repair is anticipated to exceed ten business days.

What shipping options are available for TacSol authorized repairs?

For repairs covered under warranty or service agreements, TacSol typically provides customers with a complimentary UPS Ground shipping label upon issuance of an RA number.

  • Customers sending items voluntarily are responsible for shipping costs to TacSol, with return shipping factored into service charges. Please note that all items must have an RA Number prior to shipment.
  • Per UPS policy, TacSol must provide shipping labels. Customers sending firearms for
    non-covered work are responsible for shipping charges both ways.
  • Items arriving without an approved Repair Authorization will incur a $25 fee,
    regardless of potential warranty coverage.
  • Customers requesting expedited shipping are liable for additional fees, and TacSol
    cannot guarantee transit times.
  • TacSol may utilize USPS for certain return shipments at its discretion.
  • For more details on shipping firearms, contact Technical Support at 208-333-9901 x116
    or visit our Tech Support page.
Why do rifles and pistols exhibit shade variation in their anodizing finish?

All our meticulously crafted aluminum products receive an anodize finish, which is how they get their lustrous and smooth finish. This smooth finish enhances both the aesthetics and performance of our firearms. Due to the anodizing process, TacSol firearms and parts may exhibit differences in perceived color shading.

I’m experiencing poor or inconsistent groupings with my TacSol rifle. What should I check for?

If using a TacSol X-Ring TD or Owyhee TD rifle, refer to the this FAQ Section first [insert
jump link to X-Ring Takedown & Owyhee Takedown section].

Ensure the firearm is unloaded, and remove the magazine.

  • Use quality ammunition, as different rifles may prefer different commercial loadings.
  • If using an optical sighting system, such as a red dot sight or scope, ensure all rings, bases, mounts, etc., are torqued to their respective manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Check the action screw (the screw holding the receiver/barrel in the stock) to ensure it's not "biting" into the barrel or Takedown adjustment mechanism. Some stocks may require a shorter screw or a shim between the screw head and stock to prevent damage.
  • Look for circular "bite marks" on the underside of the barrel, indicating a screw that's too long or tight. Difficulty removing the barrel or adjusting the serrated ring on X-Ring TD and Owyhee TD models may also indicate an overly tight screw.
  • For non-Takedown X-Ring rifles, ensure the barrel is fully seated, and the V-Block bolts are torqued to 25 inch-pounds.

Stock-Specific Accuracy Checks

If equpped with a Magpul Hunter X-22® Stock, check if the barrel lug is installed toward the front of the forend. Test the rifle with the lug removed if installed, as it may be unnecessary with TacSol X-Ring barrels.

  • For rifles with a Hogue® Overmolded Stock, ensure the action screw isn't overtightened and that the forend isn't overloaded when resting the rifle.
  • If installed in an aluminum chassis-style stock, verify the rifle is fully seated in the recessed cavity.
I’m encountering consistent cycling issues with my X-Ring or X-Ring Takedown while using Ruger® BX-25 magazines. Is there a solution to this problem?

TacSol can ensure the optimal function of our rifles with the 10-round Ruger® BX-1 magazines. We've found these ten-round magazines to offer the highest reliability and consistency available on the market.

TACSOL TRAIL-LITE: What is the correct procedure for installing the TacSol Trail-Lite barrel if it doesn’t seal fully?
  1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded, and remove the magazine.
  2. Attach the top rail using the rear mounting screw, but leave it loose.
  3. Insert the barrel into the barrel channel, making sure it's seated as far back as possible.
  4. Align the barrel to allow attachment of the front rail screw.
  5. Once aligned, snugly tighten both screws.
  6. Tighten the front grip screw.
  7. Apply final torque to the rail screws. *Check for any light shining through the barrel/frame seam. If light is visible, loosen all three screws, gently tap the muzzle of the firearm onto a non-marring surface, and then repeat steps 5, 6, and 7.
X-RING TAKEDOWN & OWYHEE TAKEDOWN: I’m experiencing inconsistent grouping or cycling/ignition issues with my X-Ring Takedown or Owyhee Takedown rifle. How can I ensure better accuracy and reliability?
  1. Make sure the firearm is unloaded and remove the magazine.
  2. With the firearm pointed in a safe direction, tighten the serrated ring at the front of the receiver clockwise using only your fingers.
  3. Once the ring stops, remove the barrel. For both the X-Ring TD and Owyhee TD, ensure the bolt is pulled or locked to the rear before attempting to remove the barrel.
  4. Tighten the ring two more clicks after removing the barrel.
  5. Reinstall the barrel. The installation should require "forearm strength" at a minimum, indicating a snug lockup between the barrel and the receiver.
  6. If the barrel is too tight, loosen the serrated ring with one click.
  7. While the X-Ring Takedown and Owyhee Takedown rifles are highly versatile and can fit into a small pack due to the quick-disconnect feature of the barrel, they cannot be freefloated. For optimal accuracy when shooting off a rest, it's recommended to rest the rifle underneath the magazine well, not the forend underneath the barrel.
PAC-LITE & PAC-LITE IV: How can I install my bolt if it won’t go all the way in?

Simply use a 1/16th Hex Bit to turn the plug screw [ the plug screw immediately ahead of the rear sight assembly ] counterclockwise by one to two turns. This adjustment should allow the bolt to slide in smoothly.

PAC-LITE & PAC-LITE IV: My Pac-Lite is tightly fitting my Mark I-III frame. How can I install it?

Please contact Technical Support either by phone at 208-333-9901 x116 or form on our Tech Support Page.

TSG-22 CONVERSION FOR GLOCK PISTOLS: How do I remove my conversion from my pistol if the slide won’t go forward and I’m having difficulty depressing the takedown bar?

Here's a simple solution: While holding the slide slightly rearward, press the barrel rearward from the muzzle, then proceed with the removal process as usual.

TACSOL SUPPRESSORS: I disassembled my suppressor and misplaced some baffles. Can I purchase replacements?

Regrettably, due to regulations set forth by the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968, the ATF categorizes baffles as suppressor components. Consequently, "suppressor parts" are subject to the same restrictions as complete suppressors. As a result, we are unable to offer baffles for individual sale.

This restriction applies even in cases where baffles are lost downrange due to a baffle strike. TacSol cannot provide replacements for missing baffles or end caps.

TACSOL SUPPRESSORS: I’m experiencing a baffle or end cap strike with my TacSol Axiom/Cascade/Aeris Suppressor. Can I get replacements for the damaged baffles/end cap?

Yes! If you've encountered a baffle or end cap strike with your TacSol Axiom/Cascade/Aeris Suppressor, replacement components are available. Please contact Tech Support to initiate a Return Authorization (RA) and receive a Shipping Label. It's essential to include all suppressor components when sending it in for replacement.

TACSOL SUPPRESSORS: I damaged my suppressor’s outer tube and I’m unable to get the baffles out. Can I get a new tube?

In the unfortunate event that you've damaged your suppressor's outer tube and are unable to remove the baffles, please note that NFA items cannot be remade according to the ATF's interpretation of the National Firearms Act of 1934. However, TacSol offers the option to purchase a new suppressor at a discounted rate if your suppressor is beyond repair. Please be aware that acquiring a new suppressor would necessitate obtaining a new Tax Stamp at the suppressor owner's expense, as it involves the transfer of an entirely new suppressor. Please see our Tech Support page for more info.

Product Questions: Barrels

What makes TacSol barrels better than others?

TacSol stands as a trailblazer in the lightweight barrel and firearm sector, setting the standard for innovation and quality. While numerous firearm companies have attempted to replicate our products, none have matched the precision, durability, innovation, and functionality of our barrels.

Are barrels and the products difficult to install?

Installation of our products is designed to be intuitive and straightforward. For added convenience, we provide comprehensive "how-to" installation videos accessible online for most of our products. These videos serve as a helpful guide, ensuring a seamless installation process for our customers.

What is your recommended barrel break-in?

We recommend cleaning the barrel before its first use with a one-piece cleaning rod sized appropriately for the bore diameter, a high-quality bore cleaning solvent, a properly fitting patch/jag combination, and either a nylon or bronze brush. Always clean the barrel from the breech end to avoid damaging the crown as the patch or brush exits the muzzle.

Once the initial cleaning is completed, the barrel is ready for use without any additional break-in steps required. After each use, we suggest cleaning the barrel and applying a light coat of oil to the bore to prevent rust or corrosion during storage.

What twist rate do you use in your barrels?

All our .22LR barrels are meticulously crafted to feature a precise 1 in 16” rate of twist, while our .22WMR and .17HMR feature at 1 in 14” twist rate, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy with each shot.

What size threads do your barrels come with?

Each of our threaded barrels features a standardized threading of 1/2” X 28, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of muzzle devices and suppressors commonly used in the firearms industry.

Can I order a barrel without a threaded end?

We offer our .22LR conversions with the choice of either threaded or non-threaded barrels. For our X-Ring, Pac-Lite, Trail-Lite, and other barrel models, the standard configuration includes a ½ x 28 threaded barrel. If you reside in an area where threaded barrels are prohibited, we can permanently attach a thread protector to your barrel upon request. For more information or to place an order, please contact our sales department at 866-333-9901.

Product Questions: Ammo

What .22LR ammunition do you recommend for your products?

For X-Ring Rifles/barrels, Pac-Lite Uppers, and Trail-Lite barrels, we suggest CCI Blazer for general shooting and Lapua Center X for optimal accuracy. Experiment with different types to find the best fit for your barrel. For suppressed shooting, CCI Clean-22 SubSonic is recommended. Additionally, a high-velocity version of the clean ammunition is suitable for general shooting and has minimal fouling buildup.

For TSG-22 Conversions, we advise using high-velocity ammunition with a 40-grain round nose bullet for optimal performance. We do not recommend the use of "Hyper Velocity" .22LR ammunition.

Can I shoot “Hyper Velocity” .22LR ammunition in my TacSol product?

Do not use hyper-velocity [ or .22 LR ammunition that can achieve velocities over 1,300 fps, sometimes reaching speeds of 1,600 fps or more ] ammunition. We advise against using "Hyper Velocity" .22LR ammunition, or hyper-velocity ammunition with longer case lengths like the CCI Stinger. However, any commercially produced .22LR ammunition with muzzle velocities ranging from 1,000 FPS to 1,300 FPS, or ammunition that is labeled “standard velocity,” is recommended for proper functionality and performance.

Product Questions: Rifles/Receivers

What is the difference between the X-Ring and X-Ring VR rifles/receivers?

The X-RING VR Receiver features an ambidextrous design, allowing the bolt charging handle to be mounted on either the left or right side of the bolt. However, X-RING Receivers without the "VR" designation do not support left-hand charging, as the bolt charging handle is situated exclusively on the right side. Regardless of whether you have an X-Ring VR or X-Ring, spent cases are ejected from the right side.

installation guides

How do I access product installation manuals?

Located on our Product Manual page, our product installation manuals offer comprehensive guidance on setting up and using your TacSol products with ease.

Shipping & Handling

What are TacSol’s shipping costs?

TacSol offers complimentary standard shipping on dealer orders over $3,000, and for website orders exceeding $100 (excluding taxes, fees, and promotions). Additional charges may apply for expedited or alternative shipping methods. Free shipping is not available for orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii. Standard shipping rates apply based on the chosen method and delivery address.

When will my TacSol order ship?

Orders made through the TacSol website are typically processed within 2 to 3 business days, subject to availability. Your credit card will be authorized upon order placement and charged upon shipment. Please note that certain TacSol products may not be legal in all states, and we do not ship to states where items are prohibited. Additionally, we do not ship on the following holidays: New Year's Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Christmas.


What is TacSol’s return policy?

To return TacSol website non-firearm purchases, you must first obtain an RMA number by contacting our Customer Service Department at 866-333-9901. All returned items must be unused and accompanied by a TacSol invoice within 30 days of the original purchase date. No returns are accepted after this period. Returned products will undergo inspection for any signs of use or damage. If no issues are found, a refund will be issued to the original credit card. Please note that a 20% restocking fee may apply to merchandise returns, and sale items are not eligible for refund or exchange. Firearms are not eligible for returns. However, if you suspect a manufacturing defect, please reach out to our Tech Support team at 866-333-9901 for assistance.

Become A Dealer

Can I sell TacSol firearms in my brick-and-mortar store?

Partnering with TacSol offers numerous benefits. Gain access to our renowned brand, extensive product lineup, and dedicated support. Enjoy exclusive dealer pricing, marketing materials, and more. To become a TacSol dealer, you need an FFL, a physical storefront, and a commitment to stocking our rifles. Visit our Become a Dealer page to learn more.

Military / LE / Vet

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Resources & Downloads

Where can I download additional product information?

Our latest catalog has everything you need. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, it's packed with premium firearms and accessories to enhance your shooting experience. Download it now and get ready for your next adventure!

How do I receive updates from TacSol?

Simply subscribe to the TacSol Newsletter for exclusive updates, deals, and insider insights.

Do you offer any how-to videos?

Absolutely! Explore our comprehensive video resources for expert tips and tricks, covering everything from rifle cleaning and upgrades to safe firearm handling and beyond.

What topics are covered in TacSol's blog updates?

Stay up-to-date on firearm industry trends! Check out our blog for the latest content in these categories: Gear Upgrades, Product Tips, New Releases, Tech Advancements, Industry Insights, and more.